We Are Dedicated to Providing High Quality Consultancy Services

Our engineering team specialises in: Streetlight Design, Streetlight Maintenance
Management, Streetlight Capital Project Management, Asset Management
on behalf of Local Bodies and Government Organisations...

Specialist electrical consulting & project management services

Odyssey Energy Limited is a Hamilton based company that provides specialist electrical consulting and project management services to local government bodies and government owned enterprises, as well as public and private companies, and other engineering consultancies.

Lux Mapping

The Lux Mapping System is a quantum leap in Level of Service (LoS) audit for

  • Streets, Motorways, Tunnels
  • Car parks
  • Airports (aircraft stands and apron areas)
  • Sports fields

About Us

We are dedicated to providing high quality consultancy services. We have a passion for energy efficiency, and hold this a core value in the services we provide...



We are offering an practical and cost effective lighting audit package for all outdoor lighting.

Our Lux Mapping system is ideal tool for performance audit enabling asset owner to make informed decision. It has been successfully used in the past 7 years on the number of street lighting performance audits in NZ and Australia.

Partnership agreement:
We are looking for reliable partners capable of delivering Lux Mapping service under a partnership agreement. Please use the “Contact Us” page for your enquiry regarding details of partnership or commercial licensing arrangements.

We appreciate your interest in the Lux Mapping system.