Lux Mapping

The Lux Mapping system is a practical, proven and cost effective lux data collection package. It is an innovative approach to street lighting performance measurements which will be of great value to RCA’s especially since the introduction of LED lights.

Implementation of new lighting technology is a good opportunity for the asset owner to introduce the smart technology required for the level of service (LoS) performance measurements.

This approach is equally beneficial for RCA (asset owner) and customers as data collection is vital for better understanding of both, customer’s and technical / operational needs. It will allow the RCA to use real time data and apply evidence based methodology in the delivery of various asset management tasks such as:

  • Lighting as a Service - Measure performance and level of service (LoS) delivered by LED lights (refer to Case Study section).
  • Identify lighting deficient areas and create colour coded lux maps useful for quick identification of insufficiently lit intersections or road sections.
  • Create customised lux data maps which can be integrated into other GIS maps such as night time crash spots, public transport and cycleway routes, crime spots, etc.
  • Measure lux degradation of LED lights and evaluate two important factors of future maintenance programs: timing and budget. Note: it is not yet clear what would be the optimum maintenance period, what it will involve and what will be the cost.
  • Establish future renewal and safety programs and develop decision making criteria. Use lux data as supporting info for asset management plans and budgeting.


      One of our core specialities is streetlight design to AS/NZS 1158 Lighting Standard. We provide lighting plans, specifications and cost estimates ensuring that important issues such as compliance with lighting standard, energy efficiency and project cost are fully addressed.